by Nova Da Halo Blade




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released 17 July 2014



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Track Name: Flay Finger (Prod. UnderGroundArsonizt)
Laocorn Gaudimus:

It's sad to say, but humans have their limitations. Oh, they try to build up their bodies, raise their consciousness, but they can only go so far. You are experiencing a personal understanding of that right now. I, however, have transcended humanity. I, Laocorn, have, become, a GOD!

Nova Da Halo Blade:


Kush rolled, glass full
Kill la kill on in the studio, must be writing season again
Nova Blade the Red Mage at ease with a pen
Spring’s here and I’mma show them how I’m eager to win
Ayo I left rap alone cuz competition was scarce
And I was on my beatmaking shit, rolling up and takin’ hits
Some camps doing they thing but that don’t change the statistic
that 80 percent of cats is on some clay aiken shit
So back to the lab with that nerdcore hardcore
nerd cool true school, gundamstep otaku rap
Cast Agidyne every time I spit on a track
kicking wack shit to the curb it’s time to bring the lyrics back
You shoulda never counted out the pisces
I just do this, son I shoulda been endorsed by nike
Me fumbling on a verse, that’s unlikely
god king of the flowaverse, infinity blades is what I write, b
Rap game Fayt Leingod, I bring destruction
air raid and dimension door over any percussion
I’m one cool nigga, Frozone
cryogenically engineered to fix the holes in the ozone
I broke your scouter homie, You don't want no parts of this
the track is all heat, word to UnderGroundArsonizt
my pen writes with cyanide and arsenic
24 bars of orichalcum and I’m just getting’ started, bitch…